DreamHaven’s all-important BFS provides clients with immediate feedback from potential buyers who just viewed their home. Our service provides additional information on how your home is being perceived.

After a buyer showing has completed:

  1. Details of the showing are requested from the showing agent and recorded in our listing tracking system.
  2. DreamHaven follows up with each showing agent to solicit their buyers’ comments and impressions of your home. Once received, these comments are automatically saved in the system.
  3. As a DreamHaven client, you’ll gain access to these comments as a detailed update from the BFS via your preferred method of communication.

What does this mean to you?

  • Direct feedback from prospective buyers’ agents allows us to adjust or correct any possible misconceptions developed about your home or its presentation before it can adversely impact the sale.
  • The system logs all showing agent info for easy recall.
  • The service can be used to instantly advise other agents about any changes to your listing information.
  • You are always kept ‘in the loop’ not having to guess what buyers think about your home or the asking price.
  • Essentially, the Buyer Feedback Service directs our on-going marketing. It’s a tool that provides timely decision-making information.