As a Buyer, register and submit your property search criteria and we’ll activate your free email account. You’ll receive automatic MLS property alerts & updates ahead of the general public without the hassle of searching through various social media sites, local newspapers or other print media. Our system allows you to get the most up-to-date listing information. We’ll arrange a convenient viewing for any suitable property listings you receive from our automatic Email Notification System. Your property search account will only alert you to New or Active listings that match your criteria.

If you happen to browse or other real estate sites and see an interesting listing, email or call us at (204) 944-2770 to request more detailed information or to schedule a private viewing. It’s that easy…call us about ANY property you see for sale, regardless of the real estate listing company and we’ll schedule a viewing. After the viewing, what’s next?

Once the initial walk-through is complete and if the property seems like it could be a good fit for you, we’ll book a 2nd viewing for further diligent inspection. DreamHaven’s consultant will help you examine the property closer by paying special attention to the home’s condition or structural components and mechanicals. Count on our experience to offer you an opinion on the state of the property and provide guidance to help you make an informed decision.

Still interested? The next step is Offer to Purchase. Our consultant will direct you through every phase of the Offer to Purchase process and ensure you understand each step. As an agent acting on your behalf as a buyer, our duty and obligation is to negotiate price & terms with your best interests in mind. We’ll do our utmost to provide you with ethical, loyal and responsible service. Our goal is always to find you the best home for your money.

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