Jennifer L. (St Anthony Ave-Winnipeg)

“In my line of work there’s a huge range of professionalism amongst realtors I’ve encountered. No one says a bad word about you & there’s a very clear reason for that. You are honest, trustworthy, & professional. You are the only realtor I’ve ever known whom I not only like as a person, I also trust as a realtor!”

Anatoly M. (Guernsey Lane-South St. Vital-Winnipeg)

“I would like to express my appreciation to our salesperson Scott K. for his patience and for all suggestions that he made about building of our new home with A&S. Most of our plans was done through emails which went great. This kind of investment needs expertise and right person who knows the job well. Also I would like to mention Walter Mota who is probably the nicest person that you can possibly imagine. Walter provided us with a great service. He was always being courteous and prompt with returning our calls or emails. Walter Mota as well gave us guidance of ideas on how we begin. Even though our home is not built yet, but so far we’ve been happy with our experience.”

Joy Buettner  (Richer, MB)

“This is spectacular. I will be on the phone with the client first thing in the morning when he comes down from cloud 9. I am just so pleased that my son Brian recommended you when I asked him who he would choose. 1,700 Agents gives a person far too many to choose from and as you know, not too many take an interest in someone’s personal situation like you have done. I saw so much on the investigative that I was at a loss for an excellent choice. My prayers were answered and thank you so much. I mean that sincerely.”

Joy B. (Forsythe Rd-Ste. Anne, MB)

“Bryan and I stopped at the coffee shop after you had left. He was so impressed with your enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge of construction etc. He kept on and on thanking me for introducing new blood into this listing. Let me know if there is anything else that would help. I feel so happy that you and he hit it off and that he was so impressed with my choice of a “professional” Agent. Let’s face it, they are few and far between. Enjoy Mother’s day with your wife and darling boys who are so well mannered and polite. Call any time,”

Brent and Kayla T. (Royal Park-Winnipeg)

“Thanks Walter You have been an excellent realtor, always being available to assist us on everything that we required and always providing us with answers to all our questions. Ken first started showing us some homes but when we met you we found that you were a realtor that we could really count on. We Look forward to working with both of you.”

Ken and Audrey F. (Hart Ave-Winnipeg)

“Our many thanks go out to you for the quick sale at 126 Hart Ave. We appreciate all the effort & time you afforded us throughout the sale. We certainly chose the right person as a realtor & knew you were working in our best interests. We will certainly use your services in the future & will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends & family. Good luck for a brilliant future, you deserve it!!”

Pat & Ernie G. (Headmaster Row-Winnipeg)

“Just a brief note to say how much we en joyed working with you in the sale of my uncle’s house. Your extra efforts and guidance were so appreciated and made things go smoothly. All the best to you and your lovely family. Thanks again!”

Bill & Lynne K. (Sunny Hills Rd-Winnipeg)

“Walter, Thank you for your kind attention to our needs when selling our home. The gift you gave us will come in handy on our 28th Anniversary this month. More than we ever expected. We are still touting your great service!! We love our new home and believe we sold at just the right time.”

Marlene V. (Sharron Bay-Winnipeg)

“I just wanted to thank you for all you did with the purchase and sale of my houses. You went above and beyond when I had questions or concerns…thanks again for everything.”

Allana & Brent V. (Selkirk, MB)

“We appreciated how attentive you were and as first time home buyers helped us to understand. You also took extra steps to ensure we were making a good purchase with our home. You really went above and beyond. Professional, considerate, informative and showed you care.”