DreamHaven’s trusted and experienced professionals will thoroughly evaluate your home’s present condition and offer tips on simple improvements that can boost your home’s selling appeal. Here’s how we do it:

Comprehensive Walk-Through Inspection

We conduct a thorough visual inspection observing your home’s overall structure and condition to detect any possible areas of concern. We provide tips on repairs or quick fixes and cosmetic touches that will help to present your home to prospective buyers in its best possible light.

Detailed Comparative Market Analysis

Concise market data including comparable properties that have either sold or are currently for sale in your area along with the real estate climate and recent market trends. This information is vital when determining an accurate list price for your property. We also discuss the factors you need to avoid so as to not negatively affect the preparation and presentation of your home before the commencement of listing and marketing.

Market Evaluation Report

DreamHaven analyzes all of the comparable properties’ market data in relation to the features, benefits, size and condition of your home in order to arrive at the most accurate and advantageous listing price recommendation in light of the current market conditions.

Performance Advantage

Our unique service offers you many benefits. We focus on establishing the most accurate & advantageous list price that will generate a timely offer(s) for best market dollar. Our strategic marketing campaigns are specifically designed to secure an extensive online presence for your property.
OUR GOAL is to attract buyers and generate inquiries and viewing appointments. We use leading edge technology and marketing materials that achieve the results you want. These methods allow us to optimize the sale price in a timely manner. This will enable you to successfully ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL for a fair fee in return. MARKET EVALUATION REPORT results including the list pricing recommendations are completed and a summary of our marketing performance plan is discussed. The marketing plan is specifically tailored to your property. PROPERTY ASSESSMENT discussions are comprised of helpful tips and advice on preparing your home before the marketing date starts as well as an overview of how our company operates and the supportive team that will be working with you. LISTING & MARKETING paperwork gets underway according to a recommended and approved timeline. All data input forms and listing agreement terms as well as discussions regarding agency relationships, duties and agency law in Manitoba are thoroughly reviewed for your understanding and protection. OUR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS will produce high quality images and video of your home with a view to present it in its best possible light for the most effective marketing impact. We develop and edit the photos and videos for posting to our website and all other popular real estate listing websites for an extensive online presence. OUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM will manage ongoing marketing details once your home has been prepared for buyer viewing appointments. Detailed quality Feature Sheets are prepared and the Open House is scheduled usually within the first week of the listing market release date. TIMELY FEEDBACK from buyers helps us gauge current pricing and marketing strategies. This is critical for receiving a timely offer(s). We will consult and advise based on buyer market feedback. Adjustments can be made if needed. We provide advice and direction to help guide you to your most effective and beneficial option. OFFER TO PURCHASE – When we receive an Offer to Purchase on your behalf, we will meet with you to review all of its contents. A careful review of the purchase price, conditions, deposit amount, down payment, possession date and all other terms is carefully undertaken. NEGOTIATING IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS and alerting you to any potential legal pitfalls is our primary focus. We give you the ‘peace of mind’ and support you will need during this critical stage of the home selling process. ONCE ALL CONDITIONS of the OFFER TO PURCHASE HAVE BEEN SATISFIED, your home will be officially SOLD. Copies of all documents are relayed to your lawyer and financial institution as needed. The deposit cheque received with the Offer to Purchase will be held in a trust account as required by the MB Securities Commission then released  under the direction of your lawyer upon the completion of sale.
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